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I'd like to request a feature to allow an undo of purchase invoice without undoing the entire purchase.

If there is any mistake or adjustment to a purchase invoice, and the purchased item has already shipped, the only way to undo it is to undo the associated sales, then undo the purchase, then redo the purchase, then redo the sales.

I would find it useful to be able to undo only the invoice.


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  • 100% AGREE. It's so time consuming to undo and redo everything after changing. 

  • Totally agree. The UNDO involves function users from other department to re-authorize the order and stock movement.

  • Would love this. A lot of time I have to enter in information after an invoice has been entered and it is a pain to go through the entire process again.


  • Agreed, this was already added for the Pick/Pack/Ship functionality, add it for Invoices. 

  • ABSOLUTELY i had to create this request as well, i didn't notice it had already been created by someone. 100% support this!


  • Hello,

    We are pleased to inform that we are planning to add "Undo Invoices" to the Development roadmap. Please check the Development roadmap periodically for updates.

    The DEAR Team

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  • I couldn't find this on the roadmap, so can you tell us when? Please tell me that you'll be able to delete a payment/credit/prepaid deposit without undoing the entire order. Thanks

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  • Agree I think this is important!

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18 people like this idea
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