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My feature improvement is with regards to how the lock dates in Xero interact with the sync process in Dear.

Presently, you can set a lock date in Xero and Dear will not allow any transactions prior to that lock date to be synced with Xero.

The issue is, Dear allows you to perform the change within Dear and doesn't tell you there's an error until you try to do a sync.  At this point it can be too late because the change has been made and authorised.

For example, I locked off the month of April in Xero being lock date of 30 April 2015.  A colleague had forgotten to enter a supplier invoice that was dated 14/4/15.  He then went on an entered the invoice as per the date on the invoice - 14/4/15.  This purchase had already been receipted and some product sold. 

When the sync was ran we received an error as expected. But we could not 'undo' the invoice because stock had been moved.  So there is no choice but to either:

- undo all the sales and re do them (not efficient and open to errors)

- undo the lock date and allow the invoice to flow through

the 2nd option means that the numbers which I had locked and reported to management have now changed and renders the lock dates quite useless really.

My request is that Dear is able to alert the user to an error at the point they are performing the task - not at the point of sync.  So if he tries to authorise the invoice dated April, it tells you there's an error and stops the task from being completed and authorised.


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  • +1 for this. Our use for lock dates in Xero is to keep Sales Tax (VAT) reporting periods accurate. In Ireland we report every two months so it is quite common for invoices to cross over the reporting period and it is not acceptable for invoices to be added into a period once the report has been finalised.

    Perhaps Dear could have a section in Settings where lock dates set up. It would be up to us to enter these dates to mirror the lock dates we have in Xero. This would then enable Dear to raise an error at the point of invoice generation as suggested by Gabrielle.

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  • Lock dates in DEAR are essential. This would definitely be a huge improvement. We have endless issues (many users) with sync errors to Xero because we cannot lock dates in DEAR. Unlocking the dates in Xero is not an option for obvious reasons - what are the lock dates for after all?

  • Thank you DEAR, the lock dates option is a life saver!

    There are cases however where we need to unlock the dates in DEAR in order to make a correction of some sort and this exposes the system to changes by other users while the dates are unlocked.

    Suggestion: Add an option which allows users with the appropriate permission to process a transaction without unlocking the dates but give a clear warning that the change will affect transactions within the lock dates period. How about it?

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