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Warranty Items / Reverse supply chain flowthrough

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A system to elegantly deal with warranty replacement parts that need to flow through the supply chain in  reverse back to the original manufacturer would be great.  The details would need to be hammered out but it would need to handle credits and debits properly.  Having the defective inventory tagged with a reference number would be needed.  This could be an RMA assigned by the manufacturer or some other reference number.  Ability to report on defective parts would be required.

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  • I'd also like to request failure rate (# returned products / total number purchased Products) by Supplier be reportable. This would help us in evaluating periodically Suppliers.

  • I wonder why the RMA beta testing and the tutorial documents were rescinded ? Actually it’s quite frequent we have to collect the damaged units from customers in bulk, then we sort out of the products actually need to be repaired / discarded.
  • Actually, we went though this in detail with DEAR and the structure of the flow (particularly return process consolidation and steps) didn’t match real life requirements and needed to be retooled so was pulled. If customers made adjustment to make it work now, it would have in turn made your setup non-compliant to future updates, and made a lot of friction on the processes.
  •  This topic started 6 years ago. Seems popular, but no comment from DEAR?

  • Any one have a smart work around since dear doesnt seem to think its important?

  • It's not elegant but here's our method of managing the inventory itself. This does does include RMA tracking, failure reasons or anything....

    We use a Location called "RMA" to remove the parts from inventory. Once a verdict on a repair/ replace/ refund has been made by the seller we use a Stock Transfer move it back into inventory of our Main Warehouse. Then we process a credit  on the PO for refunds, issue a new PO for repair costs or use a Stock Adjustment to swap it out for a new replacement (serialized) part.

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22 people like this idea
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