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Warranty Items / Reverse supply chain flowthrough

started a topic almost 6 years ago

A system to elegantly deal with warranty replacement parts that need to flow through the supply chain in  reverse back to the original manufacturer would be great.  The details would need to be hammered out but it would need to handle credits and debits properly.  Having the defective inventory tagged with a reference number would be needed.  This could be an RMA assigned by the manufacturer or some other reference number.  Ability to report on defective parts would be required.

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  • Hello, I would love this as we deal with RMA all the time.

    Many thanks

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  • above features with emails features like invoice module would be good when it comes to chase up with supplier or enquiries.

    Many thanks

  • Year: 2017

    I really need RMA for the complete circle.

    The RMA is super important of most wholesale/retail businesses. 

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  • Regarding the initial request, the"Reverse supply chain flowthrough" can be achieved by adding a separate warehouse to assume as the supplier. Then you can just do stock transfer between your main warehouse and return warehouse.

  • It goes a little deeper than just keeping an inventory of the returnable stock.  A system that is designed for reverse supply chain will have an RMA serial number identification system and a way or reconciling from an accounting standpoint.  Creating a warehouse isn't a solution.

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  • Yes we really need this!

  • Yes we need this urgently as well.

  • Hi all

    We are looking at implementing this module in DEAR. Could you please elaborate in more details what functionality would you expect to see. Would your role be a vendor or customer? Please provide RMA use case scenarios you dealing with now  


    DEAR Team

  • In my case- vendor.

    We advance-ship replacement equipment out to our sites around the world and we face many roadblocks with your system when it comes to tracking warranty and organising the return of faulty equipment.

    We need:
    1. To be able to select certain items from various sales orders that need to be returned to our office for inspection. It would need to be combined into a new 'SO' or 'RMA Order'. (Bulk return instead of individual return, more cost-effective when returning from overseas)

    2. The ability to change the value of items on the RMA (faulty items are not worth the same as a new one, also helps with customs clearance)

    3. A field that shows the airwaybill number that the original order was shipped on. This is to avoid paying duties and taxes again when the items are returned to our office from overseas.

    4. To be able to insert the serial number of an item when it is picked on an SO (to assist with warranty claims). Currently, the only way to put serial numbers in is when you bulk create FGs or when receiving stock. There is no manual option to input this in the sales order. We'd also like to specify custom serial numbers and/or numbering schemes during manufacture which I believe also isn't possible currently.

    We currently are using API integration and various scripts to be able to work around this and create an RMA invoice valid for customs purposes

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  • We are looking at something of the same issue at the moment. as we have warranty claims, we would like to be able to return them and then re-dispatched new items (with or without serial) as part of the original sales order process. with the price/etc being sourced from the original transaction. 

  • How is this essential and popular request progressing DEAR?

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  • We need a way to track RMA items and report on defect trends over time by Product and Supplier. 

  • In order to be useful for us, the RMA module be build out to handle return of purchased goods from Suppliers. We often need to return items that were delivered damaged, either for replacement or a refund. 

    The following features would be useful:

    1. Supplier RMA Reference number
    2. Ship Date
    3. Tracking info
    4. Option: Refund or Replace
    5. Replace > Expected Return Date
    6. Ability to add Attachments
    7. RMA Reason (for reporting)
    8. Associated Purchase Orders
    9. Tags
    10. Comments section

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20 people like this idea
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