Allow quantity for additional charges/services in Sales Orders

started a topic almost 6 years ago

Some of our services are charged by the hour. We need to specify the hourly rate, and number of hours billed.

This is possible using the services only sale, but we need to show invoiced labor on the same invoice as products. We can't break them across two invoices.

I suggest three sections on orders - products, services and additional charges. Services have a QTY but additional charges don't.

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  • Agree, would love to see this.

  • Agree and we need an additional description field as well, just like for stock products (or like the format in the New Sale (Services only). I know we can overwrite the Service Item field but it then won't be recorded in the history.

    Why should services be in the "additional charges" section? Why can't it be in the same main section? Why is there a need to separate "normal" sale and services sale as separate modules?

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3 people like this idea
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