Carry memo from Quote to Order and Invoice

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Any notes entered in the Quote memo do not get copied across to the order and Invoice.

They must be manually copied, if you remember to do so.

This should be done automatically when using the 'Copy from Quote' option etc.

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  • Yeah, that would be nice.

  • Additionally, there is no memo for the Pick, Pack and Ship team either.  It would be great if they could add information such as serial tag numbers, etc.

  • Additionally I think comments for each item from quote to invoice should be available. If you don't need it, turn off the column. Often comments involve particular items not just an overall memo.
  • Copying the memo would be useful. Would probably need to be be a setting or similar to choose whether you want it to move (like the choice in the settings is for 'last cost' or 'average cost' for PO) because I know clients who WOULDN'T want them to move.

    Would love to see this though.

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6 people like this idea
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