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Can you please tell me if the upcoming Neto integration will have both read and write functions ?

Specifically (as mentioned in another thread) I would like to use Neto's Pick'n Pack application which would require orders (including product data) to be automatically sent to Neto from Dear.



  • Hi Tim

    Initially we introduce only one way integration for orders - from Neto to DEAR. We are considering the option you suggested. What we may need some details on how it should work  ? We have orders coming from different sources (including Neto) . So we need to understand what orders should be sent there and what orders shouldn't. So any details of your business flow would highly appreciated. 

  • Hi,

    The main reason I am interested in Neto integration is to use there 'Pick,n Pack' shipping and fulfilment app.

    I actually tested the entire neto platform before settling on a Woocommerce / Dear combination due the fact I needed some website features that they unfortunately didn't offer. Neto (as I'm sure you are aware) is a complete eCommerce platform which includes a lot of great inventory management features. To be honest, I can't think of any reasons why someone using a Neto web store would need to use Dear as they offer very similar features.

    Sending orders in the other direction (from Dear to Neto) would allow the use of their 'Pick,n Pack' app. I believe this would offer some great new features to Dear as currently there is absolutely no shipping application that supports Australian shipping companies that integrates with any inventory app like Dear. Trust me I have tested them all and searched hard. There is a big gap in the market there in my opinion.

    The way I would to see it work is as follows:

    1. All new orders that come into Dear get send straight to Neto for fulfilment similar to Shipstation (I assume)

    2. Once an order is fulfilled, Neto sends Dear confirmation and relevant statuses are changed in Dear (and Woocommerce).

    I am more than happy to research this further any help in any way.

    If this can't be possible, perhaps you could consider integrating with Temando:

    They are the other shipping platform widely used in Australia. They offer a very good API.

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