Woocommerce product categories.

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If would be great to be able to select the exact Woocommerce product category or at least enter the category ID within Dear. Selecting multple categories would be even better.

My issue is that I have categories / sub categories like this;

- Dog

     - Food

- Cat

    - Food

If I add 'Food' as the product category in Dear it has no idea which one I am referring to.

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  • 100% agree. 

    It would be great to allow at the minimum a Parent / Child category option where a parent category can have one or more child categories.

    i.e Rings  -> Womens Rings, Mens Rings, Wedding Rings, Engagement Rings, Diamond Rings etc.. or

    Jeans -> Womens Jeans, Mens Jeans, Childrens Jeans

    TAGS are not always appropriate for this

    Think of it more like Department and within a Department there are Categories.

    A user should be able to setup categories as they do now.

    Then n the system they MUST assign a single Parent category to each item. NOTE Only 1 category can be set as the Parent.

    And then they can add in any number of "Sub Categories" from the category list as child categories of the Parent category.

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4 people like this idea
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