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Firstly, I love Dear. I tested almost very system out there and settled on Dear.

There is unfortunately one major feature missing from every order/inventory system available and that is integration with Australian shipping companies. There is a huge hole in the market here.

I have reached out to ShipStation and they have no plans on offering Australian shipping in the near future.

If you could integrate with on of the following cloud based services and provide printable shipping labels within Dear, you would "own" the market here in Australia (IMO). (Shipping booking and pick and pack system) (Shipping booking and quoting API)

I would even contribute to the development costs if required as it would greatly improve my business efficiency.

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  • 'Pick'n Pack' handles the shipping labels so all that would really be required (at a minimum) would be to export orders and product sizes/weight to their system.

    I have reached out to them to also request this feature so perhaps it can be done on their provided your API has the required read functions.

  • Hi Tim

    We are in the process of integrating  with Neto who has Australian background and integrate with australian post. Could you check if this will suffice for you are doing

  • Hi,

    Neto is a complete eCommerce platform which offers almost all of your current feature set as well as hosted website etc. I am not sure why anyone would need to use Dear if they are already using Neto Suite. 

    Can you tell me what features the integration will have ?

    I am interested in using their Pick'n Pack / Print'n Post apps only. Not their full eCommerce Suite.

    The reason why I chose a Woocommerce/Dear combination was so I can have 100% control over my website features. Only problem is no integrated shipping with Dear.

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  • Hi Tim, we're using ShipIt - they're a New Zealand company who work with all the major Australian carriers, and we're using them through BigCommerce (and I believe they work with Woocommerce, too) So far, it's been great. A few hiccups to start with, but excellent customer service to get you on track.


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  • We are about to begin using ShipIt as well- integration with DEAR would be much appreciated!


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  • I vote for direct integration to shipping pricing lookups. Something like would be a good option as our shipments are generally on pallet not a parcel or satchel.

  • Integration with shipit would be awesome!

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  • I also would love to see Dear integrate with ShipIT.  ShipIT specialises in servicing Australia and New Zealand for domestic and international shipping by integrating with:

    Courier and Postal Services:          Ecommerce Platforms:

    Australia Post eParcel                   Woocommerce          HikaShop and many more

    DHL Express                                 bigcommerce

    DHL eCommerce                           OpenCart

    Fastway                                        Shopify

    Star Track                                     Magento

    Couriers Please                             Zeald

    NZPost                                         TradeMe

    CourierPost                                   ebay

    Shipit is the most popular option on this thread.  Dear my vote goes to Shipit as the No. 1 shipping solution to integrate with.  My ecosystem for my online store is Woocommerce, Dear, ?Shipit?, Xero. Having Shipit sloted in there would be the icing on the cake and make such a difference to my profit and business growth.


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  • We use Temando and it would be very handy to have this integrated into our DEAR interface to our Magento store.

  • ShipIt integration would be a powerful feature for selling Dear into clients,

  • The Neto integration is a head scratcher, however prior to AusPost partnering with ShipIt, they were actively encouraging Ecommerce retailers (including us, who used Magento) to use Neto to integrate with AusPost - which didn't make any sense. When I tried to explain that to AusPost account managers they seemed genuinely perplexed.

  • Austpost has a publically available API and is supported by many ecommerce applications. I've used their API for over 5 years on several platforms. The problem with Shipit is that none of their supported freight solutions caters for large items. I have ahout 5 pallets to ship tomorrow and are preparing to move our web site to Neto because its shipping module caters for our needs. The obvious solution that no one has suggested is for DEAR to extend its partnership with NETO and integrate the NETO shipping module with DEAR so we can get a freight quote and select a carrier when booking a sales order in DEAR. That would cater for all of us and is something I would gladly pay for.
  • I researched the hell out of every solution possible and almost went with Neto.

    The reason I didn't was that they didn't offer many important features like auto-shipping (recurring orders) and I prefer self hosted sites that I am in control of.

    I have just finished building an awesome Woocommerce powered site with far mor advanced features than any hosted platform can offer and I built a plugin that syncs Orders and Customers with Neto allowing me to use their shipping module which is the best by far. It also Syncs Product data and order statuses from Neto to Woocommerce and automatically completes orders within Woocommerce. 

    As I only really wanted to use their shipping module, I only needed Neto 'List n Send' rather than the full ecommerce platform with web store etc. 

    It basically fully integrates a front-end Woocommerce store with Neto as the back-end order management, warehousing, shipping, and central product database. Because 'Neto List n Send' has very powerful ebay listing features Neto is now the central hub of my ecosystem.

    If anyone is wanting to beta test my plugin, let me know.

    You can then tap into other accounting and inventory apps directly from Neto.

    I personally think it's the ultimate solution and it extremity automated.

    One other bit of advice, Neto has some pretty powerful and automated importing/exporting capabilities including fetching CSV files (orders, customers etc etc...). Most good platforms offer CSV exporting so worth considering as a way to get orders into Neto.

  • I think Tim is right. The Neto shipping module is by far the best so why not get it embedded into Dear? (Ouch, I just got hit with a $80 freight charge on an overweight pallet tonight) Not everybody runs an on  line store. I am sure many DEAR users are bricks and mortar businesses first and foremost.

    Personally, I am over self hosting/management. I was not impressed when I was forced to do a complete upgrade of a Virtuemart site when Joomla versions rolled over.  In my research, WooCommerce has some capacity limitations (which was a bit of a shame given I know Wordpress well). One look at the complexity of Magento was enough to make me run for the hills (and I know a bit about e-commerce). Neto just blew me away and I can't believe how fast their sites are.

    Some come on DEAR, grab a few coldies over the Xmas break, sit down with your mates at Neto and nut out a deal to embed their shipping module right into the Dear app itself. Let me hit the freight quote button, choose the carrier and lock in the freight invoiced amount. When I'm ready let me hit the con note preparation/lodgement button on the shipping screen and paste in the con note to the tracking field.

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