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 Hi, We are considering the Dear Inventory System and would like to know if any users have successfully integrated the use of a bar code scanner for receiving, picking/packing, creating and printing bar codes / UPC's and bin location moves etc?  If yes, can you provide brief details?

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  • I added a similar request that uses this automated shipping quote, booking, label printing, pick/pack, mobile scanner system. Is it Australian based though.

    Perhaps a feature that can integrate other US platforms (assuming you are in the US) as well could be achieved.

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  • They are working on an app for that right now....

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  • Waiting for this option as well...........

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  • Does anyone have any success stories with implementing mobile/handheld computers with DEAR to make the pick, pack and ship process simple and efficient? 

    What we are basically after is that the warehouse picker would have a handheld device picking products from bin locations scanning the location and scanning the items while they complete a customer order. Currently the manual pick and scanning the items back at the computer isn't efficient as if there is an error you don't find out until you are back at the computer.........

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  • Thanks @joshua simington

    I had contacted Tony from ScanSku about 12 months ago which he did his best to try and integrate DEAR with the scanner but there were issues with optimizing and able to read the information on the screen.....

    Looks like I may need to revisit to see what has been happening over the past 6 month and to find out more information......

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