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It would be nice to have support for square. We currently use their POS system but it is difficult maintaining two inventories. Idealy we could have our retail be a seperate inventory location and have the sales import and ship from that location.

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  • Great Idea, I thought Square might intergrate well via xero. Unfortunately it does not work well as a go between. I considered using Shopify for our POS, but I barely like using it for our web store.

  • I would love to use Square too as it is a free and simple alternative to VendQ :)

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  • I just saw that the topic is stated as planned, does anyone have an idea of how long it could take to have it worked on?

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  • Yes, a robust +1 here. In fact, we were counting on it based on your published roadmap here:

    ...where Square is labeled In Progress with ETA of 12/15/2015.

    Can you please update on on progress?

    Can we really expect it next week?



  • Ho wow that will be AMAZING :) I hope this ETA is real!!!

  • Hum, seems like it was not a valid ETA!

    Looking again at the page, eBay Integration (Phase 2) was expected for the 25/09/2015 and that's 3 months old. I think those dates might be far from the real thing... :/

  • I just learned that Square integration is in fact READY!!

    Simply look at the integration page, it's the last one :)

  • Any chance with the Square integration that the Dear barcode field can be used in by Square? We don't use the barcode as the SKU so the integration seems pointless for us. Is there a work around vs printing new barcodes for everything that comes in?

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  • Could we also get the customer names pulled across instead of the payment ID?

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