Adding Order Value Column to Purchases Screen

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When searching for PO's that have been placed, but not yet converted to an invoice there is no value showing, it would be nice to be able to see the value of all outstanding PO's that have been processed through to the supplier but not yet confirmed by invoice.

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  • I think this would be great.  Do go one step further, I think all of the columns in this view should be customizable by the user.  Different functions within the supply chain will be concerned with different things.  For instance, a logistics user would really like to see tracking numbers in this view, not $ values.

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  • Sales Order Screen list needs this too :-)

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  • "Order" hidden column added to View all purchases list. You can make it visible via grid column menu. It is not calculated for existing but will be calculated for all new orders. If you want to calculate this for existing order please open the order and click on Save button.

  • Yes these would all be useful, I particularly would like to see a total for the pending column so we can see the total figure waiting for freight costs to be added before finalizing invoices.

  • I'm still in my trial period but quite certain I will be a Dear subscriber by next week.

    I drop ship quite a bit and oftentimes the stuff comes from a few vendors. It would help greatly if can customize the columns. I need to know which sales order / customer the purchase order belongs to. I have 4 orders now and since the order amounts don't appear until it is invoiced, I have to click on each and every one of them to find the PO I need.

    1. Why are there 2 Status columns? Perhaps the second Status column can be replaced with another icon on the first status column. Or, just do a different background color for Ordered, Billed, Completed.

    2. Paid & Due: Can't these be icons on the Status column as well?

    If we eliminate some of these columns, there will be room to put in the Ship To Customer Name that is important for drop shipping.

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