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I would like to be able to send customer statements from Dear and run basic credit control from Dear.

My client uses Xero which is great for the credit control of shipped and invoiced goods, however, most of my clients customers are required to pay 50% on order or before invoice & shipment which means I can only run that side of credit control from Dear. The date the deposit payment is overdue is calculated from the order date, and the date the balance is overdue is calculated from the invoice/shipment date.

Customers could have multiple open orders, so I would like this functionality at invoice level and at customer level so we can manage the 'open' position of each customer.  

Could this be considered for a future release please. 


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  • +1 for something like what Lisa describes.

    This is especially important since if we put together a large order for a customer that but then 'split' it, so that we can ship it in several batches as stock becomes available, Dear changes the original invoice, so we can't just send them one clear invoice for their entire order.

    A solution would be to have some kind of 'statement' functionality that showed a total amount outstanding and include the invoices that make up that amount. Ideally the statement could be customised to just include the invoices that make up the original single order.

    Hope that's useful.


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  • Having a statement that can be emailed directly to customer accounts that are overdue would be a great addition!

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  • Just linking this feature request with the 'Credit Note' feature request since I think the two are related:

    Hopefully 'credit' and 'statement' features will be implemented sometime soon as it's one of the few remaining issues we have that really complicates managing the business. Syncing this information with Xero will be hugely helpful too.

    Thanks for all the great updates in 2015 :-) 

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