Stock Shortfall Notifications

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My client would like the option of email notification when an item goes out of stock.

The reorder notes at the bottom of the dashboard and the reports are useful for the purchasing teams who go into dear each dats, but the director who won't log into dear daily - would like an email notification to alert him of a stock shortfall so he can take action immediately. 

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  • This would be really beneficial to me too. I would rather receive a notification when products fall below the restock / low stock threshold rather than when they're out of stock completely. Maybe thus could be inplemented as a type of report that can autimatically be emailed daily to a.configred address.

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  • Hi DEAR gurus,

    I agree with Nigel and Lisa, I really think low stock notification is a must. 

    Can you squeeze this in to your schedule? the question is already 1 year ago, still no update? 



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  • Do you suggest to send notification for every item/location below stock level ? What if you have 100s items daily ? Would director be happy to get 100's emails ? Could you check with client what expectations are in terms of email notifications ? We have low stock level report, would it makes sense to send the copy of this report ?

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  • Hi DEAR gurus,

    I agree that the auto notification email for stock alerts would be really helpful. It would however need to be able to be customised so that the DEAR administrator could nominate which user/s receives the report, the frequency of it and also a filter to be able to limit the items being reported eg those items whereby the available quantity is below the minimum before re-order.

    Ideally it would be great if DEAR stored the average unit sales of a product (weeks) and the re order lead time (weeks), so that DEAR could then provide some realistic suggestions as to what needs re-ordering taking into account weekly consumption, reorder lead time and re-order levels.

    Please give this some thought as it would be really helpful for businesses that need more practical inventory management tools. It would certainly add to DEARs credibility as the best valued solution for small/medium business'.

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  • Did anything happen with this?

  • Hello everyone!

    This feature is available in the automation module.

  • What happened with this??

  • I too would like to send 'Reorder' emails to the purchasing team. Ideally this is an optional setting per SKU, so companies with thousands of SKUs won't be overwhelmed, but companies with less SKUs can stay on top of their inventory.

    Or, a Zapier integration for Reorder / Low Stock could be set up to send emails. One integration, which means less work for the DEAR team.

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