Allow zero for Actual Yield for New Finished Goods production

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For food production, it sometimes happen that a whole batch goes bad.  So, all the inventory items which were picked need to come out of inventory and the resulting "Actual Yield" is zero.  Currently, DEAR does not allow an Actual Yield of zero.  It seems to me that it should allow Actual Yield being zero.

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  • Hi Stan, 

    Following your last response, we are in the process of looking at developing your requirement, and I have a few queries regarding your requirement which I need to clarify. Could you please provide your feedback on the below, please: 

    1. When set '0' for Actual Yield, what happens with costs for production? No changes in the cost of production because these costs have already been incurred

    2. If we don’t have product produced then what account should we debit/credit when the assembly finishes? 

    • Debit account -
    • Credit account -

    3. If this is auto-assembly created for sales order - does this 0 influence the sales order for this auto-assembly? The flow of the application is - Sales Order creates allocation which should be covered by Autoassembly. In case if you produce 0, the allocation for such sales order is not covered - Sales Order can’t be fulfilled. What happens with such order? Does it just “hang” in the system with its allocation? Or its allocation is covered by other orders?

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