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Most relevant data for preparing a production schedule exists within Dear:

1. All Sales Order ship dates

2. Inventory Availability, Inventory PO Due Dates

3. Bill of Materials

With the addition of a few items, Dear can produce a production schedule:

4. Length of time to build each product (determines when build should start prior to ship date)

5. Daily production capacity

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  • This feature also needs to use information about the lead times of each component in the BOM. With that DEAR could predict when the product will be ready in the scenario when missing components don't have PO created yet.

    This is an extremely important feature for companies with products that have: 

    A long production time (several days, weeks or months) 

    B complicated production process 

    C lots of components in the BOM

    Waiting for this feature like nothing else.

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  • Hi all,

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    We are now in the scoping stages of this enhancement and would like to seek further feedback, would you be interested in providing additional information about your requirements?

    Please email  with any details you would like to add and reference this suggestion.

    Thank you

    DEAR Support

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  • Hi Alexei and DEAR,

    It has been three years since the posting of this being in the scoping stages and the status of the feature request is "planned' but I do not see this on the roadmap.  Can someone update the DEAR community on the status of this?



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  • Hi,

    The Beta Production module is looking good and very promising.  

    However, there seems to be a lack of flexibility around the usage of resources.   All resource usage is linked to the units produced.   For our company, the resources (Machines) we use to produce our goods need to be configured and loaded each time we run a production.  Therefore the first step of a Production is always a 'Set up' which has a fixed duration regardless of units in a production run.   For example, we would need to allow 2 hours to set up a machine whether the Production run is for 1 unit or 1000 units.    

    At the moment, there is no way to add this fixed duration Step to a Production BOM.


  • Hello, 

    The Set up operation is available for using in the production BOM and Production Order. This operation doesn't require the connection of the resources to the units produced:

    Best regards,

    Elena Piskova | Cin 7 Core Product Team

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