Merge customers or contacts

(I'm sure I saw this suggested somewhere else, but I can't find it in the feature requestes forum...)

We would love to be able to merge duplicate contacts. These can get created when a customer changes their email address or spells their name differently when ordering form the web.

When merged, the customer would retain all order history from the original multiple contacts.

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  • Really need this feature ASAP.

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  • yes this would be a great feature and its inclusion in the very near future would be appreciated.

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  • Yes this would be a great feature and having its inclusion in the software in the very near future would be a great help

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  • Love this idea, much easier for cleaning up Xero integrations etc.

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  • A very useful feature, especially if it synchronised with Xero when a merge is completed there. It would also be helpful to have an idea of when this feature might appear

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  • This would be especially useful as Xero has an issue with duplicate customer records - which is a real nuisance when ecommerce customers use the same name but different email addresses for orders.


  • This has already been implemented in December 2015

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