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In the Sales 'View All' field is it possible to add an additional column as a header for the 'Location' that sits within the sales order. 

This would assist greatly to identify orders from each location quickly, especially when one order is split over several locations. 


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  • I think the fields should be completely user configurable in my opinion. Starting people off with a basic concept is great but there is no way to anticipate the supply chain for every organization. User configurable views is a must.
  • These forums are full of good ideas. But this one is really good. I am recommending Dear to many clients because the Location can map to a Xero tracking category, meaning there is profit centre reporting in Xero based on location. Really, really cool. But it is a real shame that none of the sales reports do this and since this field is on the sales header (and is part of the API reporting) it should be really easy to add it. 

  • What I mean to say is that this idea should be extended to the sales reports, not just the list view. 

  • We are currently in process of introducing significant changes to Sales module and one of these changes will be several layouts for different functions on View All Sales screen. Like special view for warehouse staff to help search and fulfil sales, special view for accounting department, and so on. Locations will be added to the view for warehouse management. These views will still have all the fields, but they will be pre-configured for special purposes (irrelevant columns are hidden but can be made visible). Please wait till our major changes are introduced later this year, they will cover most of the issues on this forum, including multiple fulfilments and several invoices/credit notes per single sale order and much more.

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5 people like this idea
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