UX suggestion: Back to list should always preserve previous search filter

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 This already works great for products: Inventory > Products > View all > type a search to filter > view a specific product and then go 'back to list' and just the previously searched products are displayed.

Can you replicate this functionality for Sales Orders, Customers and Purchase orders? It would save us a lot of time since at the moment when you go 'Back to list' the search filter is forgotten. (This combined with performance improvements would be awesome!)


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  • I second this request! It is frustrating when you are working on one customer and needing to go between multiple orders if the search was saved.


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  • Strongly request it feature, as currently we even cannot open a sales order in new tab. 

    It is very time consuming to open a sales order in the same tab, edit it, then go back to list and redo the filter and open another order.

    Suggest to either enable the "open in new tab" or remember the filter after go back.....


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  • Please change settings->general settings 'Open details in' to 'New tab'. It will let you open sales and purchases in new browser tab, check/edit them and close tab after the use. Than you just switch to the tab with search result   

  • @DEAR Support - the workaround suggested is not a good solution for the following reasons:

    - our staff get confused with lots of tabs open
    - it requires loading the entire Dear application into the new tab which is slow (and must cost you in terms of server resources)!

    Ideally the promised performance improvements will increase the use of JavaScript on the frontend so that these full page reloads are no longer necessary. (As mentioned in my original post, you have this working for 'inventory items' so hopefully it is possible for the other areas of the application.)

    Can you confirm if this is an area that will be improved in the upcoming performance improvements?


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  • This feature/issue causes frequent frustration in our office. It works as it should in the inventory list...

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  • Brilliant to see that this is planned. Thanks for the update.

  • Yep, look forward to this one.

  • This appears to have been implemented with the latest release. 

    Fantastic - thank you!

  • It does still not appear to be working when going back to list from families, would really like to see this happen!

  • This also isn't working on the Availability page.

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14 people like this idea
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