Printing of Tax Invoices

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Is there a way to have Dear prompt you when going to Print a Tax Invoice if you haven't actually completed/Authorised the Invoice Screen for a sale?

Dear currently enables a Tax Invoice to be printed even if only a Sale Order has been raised??

As we have different people using this program some don't use it all the time and forget the important steps.

However if Dear was set to not allow these forms being printing unless in a specific tab/field this would assist.  As if an account customer and printed off, it won't appear on the Statements.

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  • hi Sharon,

    We would like to request more information on this. This modification may cause friction for existing users if they are printing draft invoices all the time. Therefore how would you suggest we overcome this matter? One option is we can dominate this functionality with a setting, so those who need this can switch the setting on which will prompt the user to authorize the invoice prior to printing. If you have a better solution we are open for suggestions. 

    Best Regards

    Heshan - DEAR Systems 

  • A tax invoice should only be able to be printed once the invoice has been authorised, until then the invoice printed should be a draft invoice and clearly state this - at the moment a tax invoice can be printed at any stage.

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4 people like this idea
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