Customer specific discounts applied automatically when order placed


We have a problem for customers where we only want to discount a certain product by say 10% but not others. I know I can set-up a discount for 10% off and then need to go into each product and add this customer to the discount “10% off”. But when I then enter an order for this customer with the product that I have set a discount for, the system does not automatically discount the product. We would have to remember to press “apply discount” every time an order is placed. This is not very user friendly. Can this not be automated to avoid that we forget to add the discount? Otherwise I don’t see the benefit of adding the customer to a specific discount if we have to remember this manual anyway in the end.


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  • Has there been any follow up on this idea - we have the same issue 

  • Would love to see this - maybe a setting in general settings like the auto pick/auto pack/auto ship

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  • I'd like to see the option to apply the discount on a per order basis, rather than having to enter it in each product line.

    I'd also like to see the individual item price after the discount has been applied displayed, with the ability to show this in an invoice. Maybe thats already available? Am I missing something?

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  • Get it happening!!

  • I'd been play around with Deal Function too, just can't make this thing happen...Can someone from Dear will answer this request ?

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