Revised Layout / Button Placement for Stock Transfer / Adjustment pages

started a topic about 6 years ago

This involves many pages; but I will only use 1 as an example:

If you go to Inventory > Stock Transfer > New Transfer; 

Click [+Product] button multiple times and you'll see that 'new rows' are added at the bottom of existing rows.

After 20++ rows; new rows are added 'under the screen view' and we would have to scroll down to edit this row. To add another row, we would have to scroll back up, click the button, scroll down again to edit. Over and over again. 

It'd be great if DEAR can add new rows at the very top of existing rows, or place the [+product] button at the bottom of the screen as well.

(Like how, at Purchase, there's a button to Print / Email / Export at the top of the page, and another set at the very bottom of the page.)

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