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Consider this scenario: 

I would like to do a Stock Transfer between two warehouses, W1 and W2. I have received the Transder ORDER today morning, but delivery will be scheduled for TOMORROW morning. 

Because there are many items to transfer, it is quite common to prepare as soon as the order is received, so that the courier can begin delivery first thing in the morning tomorrow. 

After we prepare and pack the products to deliver; we input the Stock Transfer task. We then SAVE the task; (we cannot/should not COMPELETE today; as it is not yet delivered, and still in Warehouse W1) 

Now here's the problem: SAVE-ing Stock Transfer tasks, does nothing to On Hand / Available / Allocated quantities. But it should have. 

The goods in the SAVED Stock Transfer has already been 'allocated' for warehouse transfer, and should no longer be 'available' 

On Hand should stay the same because it is still in the same warehouse 

Available should have been DECREASED by the quantity of SAVED Stock Tranfer Task and 

Allocated should be INCREASED by the quantity of SAVED Stock Transfer Task 

OTHERWISE, through out the day, if we were to check for product availability, the system would say we have X amount of products, whilst physically, we would count only X - Y amount of product. (Y being the qty of goods already packed for stock transfer tomorrow morning)

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  • Hey dude I had this scenario as well, what I did was create a warehouse caled in TRANSIT, which solved it until this feature gets put in :)

  • Mohammed, unfortunately, I received a reply saying that this feature will only be considered if it reaches more than a dozen votes. My work around is to actually go against my beliefs, and to complete the transaction task after each group of goods have been packed. (complete even before delivery) (one downside is that one actual delivery will be recorded in multiple transfer task) This overstate the inventory for W2 for the day. Luckily, it works for us because our W2 is a retail shop and the guys at our retail shop still keep their inventory records manually. (all of our dear operators are located at our main warehouse W1) We need our inventory count in W1 to be accurate at any time, so we can correctly respond to stock transfer orders from all our retail shops. Whilst, inventory count at our retail shops are looked at only once a month during stock count. (hence it doesn't really matter if inventory count at W2 is overstated for the day) So you see, our work around is possible if there's only 1 location that needs to be correct at all time. We tried using a transit location, but this doubled our work, :(

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  • then hope for API integration somehow or you get votes:P

    Il vote :D

  • I would like to see this feature too.

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