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It would be great if Dear was integrated with Stripe and credit cards could be charged within the Sale module.

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  • We love the inventory management and the sales section.  However, its now a two step process:  create the order in Dear, and then charge the card in   It would be nice to have a method of payment field and the ability to fire off the CC transaction.

    This will allow the shippers to know the status of payment and not just wither it has been invoiced.

  • We also vote for Dear to integrate with Stripe. Until they do, we sync with Xero and release invoices with cc payment function imbedded in invoice email from Xero.

  • I already have the credit card number of my repeat customers in stripe. It would be nice if the Stripe integration lets you know a valid card is on file or if it is expired.

    If you have 2 cards on file, system lets you choose which card to use for this transaction.

    I need to be able to manually process the payment within the Sales Order or Invoice.

  • Hi All,

    Thanks for your suggestions, We would like to inform you that integration with Stripe has been released during July 2015, users can add a Pay with Stripe button to their invoice templates. It works within your site—customers can pay instantly, without being redirected away to complete the transaction.

    A sample template for Pay with Stripe is attached

    please feel free to contact us if you have problem in this regard


    DEAR Support

  • Based on the description from Mark Goldman, I think he is referring to the ability to run a credit card payment while we are at the Sale editing screen.

    If we have to print the order, then click on the link to apply the payment, these are extra steps that are not needed.

    Stripe stores the credit card info under the user's email address so it would be convenient to have a button on the order entry page that lets you choose which card to use and then process the payment without having to print as a PDF.

  • Currently, I print the PDF, click on the link and have to enter the credit card info all over again. It does not pull anything from stripe. So I stopped using it altogether and went back to logging into Stripe and posting the payment under the account created there. Once the customer leaves the credit card info with me, they really don't like giving it out over the phone each time they buy something.

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