Add supplier SKU to PO export and reporting

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Some of our suppliers require us to send and attached Excel file for PO's. Since we purchase and sell hair colour, and each colour line can have several shades, PO's often get to 100 lines plus. 

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  • Hello DEAR, do you know the timescale for this?

  • Choosing columns for export would be good

  • This was added to the purchase API (I begged)
  • We have added Supplier SKU to purchase export (exporting lines from PO, invoice).

  • We are trying to upload a PO from a supplier, but since DEAR wants a CSV file with its own SKU's (and there is no way to tell it to use Supplier SKU) it's totally pointless, and we have to just enter the 300+ line invoice manually.  :( 

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7 people like this idea
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