Only show products related to the supplier in the PO product list

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When creating purchase orders, please consider allowing only products from the supplier selected to appear in the search results.

This will make adding products to purchase orders simpler, faster & less prone to errors.

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  • Agreed. In addition it would need to be a tick box or similar to allow/not allow so that you can still go around it if you want to. i.e. we always use Delonghi as a supplier for product X, but this time we need to show that product against Harvey Norman because we're using them today.

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  • Agreed. Also, a tick box in the new product field would be good for (a) I purchase this product - in which case it won't show up in a sales order process or (b) I sell this product - in which case it won't show up in the purchase order process. If both boxes are ticked, logically it will show up in both in the instance where you both purchase and sell the same product.

  • Yes good idea, You could also consider displaying the items alphanumeric ally by SKU instead of by name
  • Agreed. We tend to add products to POs on an adhoc basis and without having a separate copy of the supplier's products to hand this is a real pain each time we order. I've not seen this missing from most other ordering systems actually.

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7 people like this idea
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