Links from Dropship PO to Sales Order and vice versa

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Hello, currently when you authorise a Sales Order that is to be Dropshipped a link to the Dropship PO appears at the top of the screen.

It would be nice if this link was permanent, plus with a link in the Dropship PO back to the Sales Order.

At present there is a note added to both to reference the PO or SO that it is associated with. But no clickable link.

This would be particularly useful for items that are imported from another system such as Magento/eBay. A the Sales Order and Dropship PO are automatically created here and you need to navigate separately to each one.

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  • I agree completely, this is a requirement.  There needs to be a permanent link and could appear under the "ACTIVITY LOGS" tab.

  • This has been implemented. Cross-links will be added to Activity Logs for all new Drop Shipped tasks.

  • The only instance where we got caught out was when we imported PO's via the DEAR CSV.  It didn't seem to have the option to link it to a Sales Order, like the user interface does.

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4 people like this idea
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