Finished goods order for more than one item

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Allowing a finished goods order for more than one item (with a combined picklist) would greatly simplify my process in Dear.

We are a brewery and package beer in 1/2 and 1/6 barrel kegs, loose cases of 24 cans, and in boxed four packs. Right now I have to create up to four package orders against our work in progress (beer in the tanks), depending on what we are packaging from each batch. 

What I really want to do is create one order for several items that total our expected yield on a batch, (e.g., order 10x 1/2 barrels, 32x 1/6 barrels and 100 loose cases of cans), send that to the packaging team, and then be able to update their actual yield on each item (like Dear does for a single item now) at the end of the packaging run.

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  • Another scenario which we would use this feature is where products are often custom manufactured from complex BOM's and multiple items are ordered on the one sales order. It would be good to have all items for that SO order on a single FG order.

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  • It is common for us to manufacture a batch, and split the goods into say a 1000KG and a 200KG drum or tank.

    It would be good to either have a sub category for the batch that allows the packaging size to be listed, or for a pack size option to be added so we can allocate the batch against the different pack sizes.

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