Is there any plan to integrate DEAR with a CRM software?

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Ideally we would like Zoho but in a previous support ticket DEAR mentioned SalesForce would be integrated in 2015. 
This is a critical add on for our business and we are holding off on committing to a CRM software until we hear an update from DEAR. 

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  • We are using Salesforce with Orders which then have to be manually entered into DEAR.  It would be great to get a Salesforce integration which brought Orders and Customer details into DEAR.

  • Currently we are programming integration  with CapsuleCRM. ETA end of may 2015

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  • What is the status of the CapsuleCRM integration?


  • All programming work done. We are finishing documentation and tutorial video now. 

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  • DEAR - What would be your best estimated date for availability of this integration?


  • i see the Capsule integration is now available but you cant sync contacts from DEAR to Capsule!!

    If we use DEAR as our main software (which I'm sure you hope we all do) this integration seems to be a waste of time if you cant export the new DEAR contacts to Capsule.......

    will this feature be enabled in the future?

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  • I have to agree with Edmund.  Auto-synch of Customer & Supplier contacts from DEAR to Capsule is a must to really call it "integration".  I would call the current feature an "import" feature.  Of course, in the spirit of iterative development, the current offering is a lot better than nothing, and it is the first step in the integration process.  For that, DEAR should be complimented.  The next step would be to be able to go the other way: DEAR export to Capsule.  Right now, this can be done with CSV export.  I know there are a number of DEAR users that will be excited when a CRM auto-synch integration is offered.  Keep going DEAR, you're doing great!!

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  • We too need two way sync to make the Capsule integration of any use.

    Hopefully this can be added soon.

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  • I agree with Stan.  Two way sync is much more beneficial.  And for all of the information to also come from Xero as well into the 3 systems is unreal.

    At this stage, as Dear has a 2 way sync with Xero, Capsual has a 2 sync with Xero, so everything can sync, through a roundabout way, providing you have Xero in the middle of this!

    The link to this video should help you guys as well.


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  • Further to my last comment, I have just loaded this CRM software and signed up for it to have a look at it.  Look, it is a great concept, but the whole point of CRM software is to have the capability to discuss the current opportunities that you have with those customers.  So without any of the quotes going into Capsual, it's not worth spending the money, as the only full integration is with Xero, which only brings in the invoices and contact information.

    Crm Software is a front line tool that companies use as a reminder of what quotes, and past sales etc have occured with the customers, either while a face to face call is in progress or even a phone call to discuss the progress of outstanding quotes.

    If Dear can get all of the sales information to populate into the CRM, WOW, this would be a great but basic tool to have in our sales arsenal.

    Keep chipping away at it guys.  I'm sure there are a lot of other companies out there like myself that would love to fully utilize this.

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  • I just got a notification from the old DEAR support site that you are working on a Zapier integration. is this correct? If so, what is the expected development time frame?

    Is the plan to use this service for an automated Capsule sync?

    i don't see this "Planned" feature on this support site - are you still maintaining two support sites??

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  • I see that this feature is currently one way. Capsule -> Dear only. If the order comes in from the other sales channels, the contact info will hit Dear first and would never make it to Capsule. 

    The integration needs to go both ways.

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  • We really need to get quotes synced into Capsule automatically so opportunities can be tracked and followed up.Come on guys, I had this sort of integration with custom accounting apps and CRM's 15 years ago.

    I don't mind using Zapier as a helper app in the middle. Just want to make it happen.

  • I don't know about everyone else but we use Dear as our main invoicing and inventory control system. That means customers are always entered into Dear first. Entering into Capsule means double the work. Seems like the integration is backwards. 

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