Create a "Special - FEFO - Batch" costing method (/ inventory control method)

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Currently, it is not possible to override the Auto-Pick selection for a FEFO - Batch item. Human error dictates that from time-to-time, people will mistakenly choose the wrong batch of a product when picking. For that reason, there needs to be a way to override a FEFO - Batch auto-pick selection.

I would like to make a feature request for another costing/inventory method called: "Special - FEFO - Batch" (and maybe change "Special - Batch" to "Special - FIFO - Batch") which would by default select items for Auto-Pick using a FEFO-Batch method, but which may be overridden. Instead, the standard FEFO-Batch could also be changed to allow the choice to be overridden, thereby doing away with the Auto-Pick selection not being able to be overridden.

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  • Absolutely needed.  We sell some products in units of one but our distributors order in cartons of 90.  Id we have stock less than 90, we are unable to supply the carton to the distributor because of the FIFO issue.

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  • Really need to override the Auto Pick. Sometimes we have to manipulate the batch selection for some reasons. 

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  • Any update on this feature request?

    Creates a lot of pain in practical situations, for example:

    batch 1 stock = 100

    batch 2 stock = 555

    if you do a sale of 500, might want to take it all from batch 2 instead of splitting and having 2 separate BB dates for 1 customer order.

  • We were getting around this by this method which while cumbersome at least worked:

    At the Picking stage:

    1. add the quantity before selecting the product

    2. Adding the desired product/batch from the dropdown

    Now that DEAR has rolled out a new update they've "fixed" this "bug" and now when you follow the same procedure the quantity is reduced to zero making it impossible to select the desired batch.

    I hope you're listening DEAR. We need this feature!

  • Hi folks.   I think I am the one that originally suggested this in the old feature request system.  I guess that was over three years ago.  Just adding my voice to this feature request again as all the food businesses using DEAR would benefit from having this feature.  Thanks DEAR!

  • @Agra Loka Medisindo - I would recommend that you use the Special - Batch costing method which will allow you to override the FIFO Auto Pick.  Click on the batch number field in the Pick and you will see the list of all batches.  In practice, for many businesses including food businesses, FIFO works out to be the same at FEFO, except where there are exceptions.  (Of course, those exceptions are the reason why this feature request was suggested.)  For that reason, in the interim before this feature request is implemented, I recommend using Special - Batch as the costing method to all of my clients who are making something with batch numbers (AKA lot numbers).   Same for serial numbers, use Special - Serial instead of just Serial, so that you can override the Serial number for the product.

    Also, related to this feature request, when using the Special - Batch costing method, when you click on the batch number you will see the stock quantity and the expiry date.  This is the manual way to implement a Special - FEFO - Batch.  

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Never switch the costing method of a product that has ever had any stock attributed to it.  It is my understanding from DEAR that you must create a new product in DEAR with the new costing method and then do a stock adjustment to move stock from old costing method product to the new costing method product.   If you do not do this, it is my understanding that there will be problems with the database for your products.

  • We have made adjustments to allow FEFO-Batch costing method to work as Special, meaning it will allow manual selection/override.

  • Great news!!!  Thanks DEAR!!

  • :)

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