improve the BOM and manufacturing information as it doesnt give enough information about BOM

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You don't give enough in depth information to explain BOM sub assemblies etc. I manufacture engineered oak flooring. I frequently get asked for more sales of finished goods when certain (raw) components are in stock however they are not changed into their next stage (sub assembly) to then be made into a finished good Eg. I have raw oak, i have plywood. so if i place an order for a finished good and have no Sub assemblies in stock (wip)i want the software to recognise this and instead of creating a PO i want it to create a internal Production Request to change the (Raw oak into planed and split oak) i.e.. my subassembly and also create a finished good internal Production request e.g. planed and split oak + Plywood = finished good. however if part needs to ordered from a supplier and part from production of raw material. i need it to do this also. Hope this makes sense as its difficult to explain (also need all costs to carry through to view actual margins)

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