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Packing Box Weight field

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In order to create a commercial invoice with packing details fro export, it would be nice to be able to specify the size of the boxes we are packing. 
I see that on each product there is a tab with dimension but I can't find the utility of it anywhere in the system or reports. Maybe that could be used to aggregate the total amount of SKU packed in 1 box, that could be adjusted at time of packing? Then the size/weight box fields should be added to the packing list (that could be copied to commercial invoice with $ values)

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  • yes, dimension & weight is crucial to produce a packing list

  • Yes Box dimensions and weights are important for International Shipping. It would be good to build on the shipping functions in DEAR. At least have a function built into the Packing Slip section to add details. Or even for the moment allow the packing Slip to be exported into an Excel file so we can manually manipulate the data to comply with shipping regulations. 

  • Dear All

    We integrate with leading shipping services that let you use actual box information, shipping labels etc. Please check our integration page to find shipping service available in your country .   

  • Thanks - but this function should be part of Dear. Dear is an Inventory Management system. Carton dimensions and CBM, and weight are critical when Picking, Packing and shipping items. The information can be entered into Dear within the SKU - but is not accessible when you need it. i.e. when you ship the item. Is there a reason why you cannot make this information available at this stage? 

    Lastly, the Shipping Services plug ins that you refer to are focused on the US which is not helpful to me, as I'm in SA.  


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11 people like this idea
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