Sales Representative Report

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Sales Representative Report

Our company need to use your report to determine how much sales commission to pay each of our sales reps. Our company like many others only pay commission on product sold, not on additional charges like freight etc and pay on invoice, 20th of the month following.

What we require as additions to existing are as follows:

1. The field 'Invoice Line Totals' to be added as an optional field for the report 
2. A field on sales orders added called 'Commission Percentage' which would sit under the Sales Representative filed. Here we would enter 10% as an example 
3. The field 'Commission Percentage' to be added as an optional field for the report 
4. The ability to change the sales representative, applied to the sales order at any stage in case this was entered incorrectly at time of entry. Currently once the invoice is authorised (maybe even on pick of sales order), this is impossible to change unless you undo the entire sales order back to draft.

This request would be relative to all companies that use commission agents or have sales representatives on salary plus retainer.

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  • i do to it would be great help to customize this feature since our sales commision varies on each product 

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  • Why does my report not showing the invoices as paid even though they are paid?


  • Incentive Compensation Management or Sales Commissions Management this is a very common theme with 2 threads at Xero both with something around 40 entries and lots of frustration expressed at Xero.  Searching the web there are no partners are add-ins or standalone incentive compensation programs that synchronizer integrate with Xero, so in summary, Dear Inventory it looks like you may have an opportunity here by simply leveraging the Sales Rep tracking or categorization, adding a few rules around that person such as % of commission, based threshold, and ramp up or % commission for sales above target.  In other words: Base threshold, commission between threshold and target, target, and commission for sales above target. Then a "Commissionable" checkbox on invoices for line items would result in a total value commission calculation for that invoice which could display that invoice and then increase a Liability account for the commissions owed to that representative.

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    I am in desperate need of this feature. It is one of the few reports that I need to generate to ease the transition from SAGE to DEAR/XERO. Please add this feature to your Development roadmap. 

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  • Hi All,

    We are currently in the process of developing this feature. 

    Essentially we would like to confirm with you if adding the Sales Commission value configuration into the Contact (Sales Representative) level within the Settings module in Reference books would work better for you. i.e. under each contact specified in Reference book company contacts, we can include the 'Commission Percentage' value field where you can specify the comission figure you desire to provide for each sales rep. Let us know if this idea sounds better. 

    Best Regards

    Heshan - DEAR Systems

  • This sounds like a good way to implement.
  • The default commission rate per rep in the Settings module sounds great. Can there be a way to modify the percent for individual deals? We may run SPIFFs or depending on how the rep wants to work the deal, the commission percent may vary by deal.

  • Can I add to the request, an option for the commission to look at the Sales figure (excluding Tax) or Total Invoice figure (including Tax).  Maybe a toggle switch when setup the percentage for the Rep in the company contact list.

  • To add to Jonathan's point, salesperson commissions would never be calculated based on the inclusive tax totals, so I am not sure why DEAR made it calculate only this way. GST is not the businesses money, so it makes no sense to pay an employee part of this amount.

    Please DEAR, give us an optional toggle (ie. Tax inclusive or exclusive), or just exercise some common sense and make it calculate based on exclusive sale amount only.

  • Please Dear, can you respond to this seven (7) year old thread?

  • ?

  • Hi DEAR, 

    Could you please add a field/column for discount and payment term in the Sale Order Details and Sale Invoices and Credit Notes report?

    It would be really a great value to add to those two reports, as management could use the discount and payment term data for analysis.

    Thank you so much for considering my suggestion.

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