Need a way to specify Ship-To Contact Name, Ship-To Company, and Ship-To Address

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As DEAR stands right now, a given customer may have multiple Ship-To Addresses, but it seems that this is assuming a scenario where the customer has multiple facilities to which items may shipped.

A different scenario, is customers who are purchasing something, such as a gift, which is to be shipped to someone else, meaning it is a different name, different company (if any), as well as a different address than the customer’s (company name, contact name, and billing address).

I am working with a client, FernCreek Confections, on this very issue. We have tried to create a workaround for this, but it is not acceptable. We have tried adding an additional contact name as a sort of “sub-customer” and separately an additional shipping address for the “sub-customer”, but then when we send it to ShipStation, the customer company name still appears on the shipping label. For example, let’s say BigFirm calls to order 10 chocolate bars for their client Jack Smith. In DEAR, the customer is company=BigFirm, Contact=John Doe, Billing Address=123 Main Street, Anytown, MA 02543. BigFirm would like to send the order Jack Smith, 444 Johnson Road, Newtown, PA 23044. The label is ShipStation appears as: 
Jack Smith 
444 Johnson Road 
Newtown, PA 23044

The address is correct except for adding the BigFirm part.

Further, though, the DEAR interface does not effectively support shipping to Jack Smith. The DEAR user need to select Jack Smith as the contact and then separately need to select Jack Smith’s address for the Shipping Address. The user needs to somehow know what Jack Smith’s address to make this work. This is not an effective solution for this sort of sales processing.

In order to support this sort of “gift” ordering, there needs to be a way to specify, together (i.e, they are directly connected in database), the Ship-To Name, Ship-To Company, and Ship-To Address for customers.

Is there any way to support this with the current implementation of DEAR? 
How does DEAR support gift order that come over from Shopify?

FernCreek Confections needs this functionality. They have many gifts orders so they must have a way to do this. They have put a big investment into getting up on DEAR and now are stuck not being able to process orders through DEAR.

If implementing this as a new feature, consider adding additional Ship-To information such as phone number and email address.

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  • I see this is a "Planned" feature - doe anyone know when the ETA is for this?     We've been doing demos for numerous order management systems / inventory systems and are making the final selections.   This feature is the only one that I can tell would prevent us from using DEAR.   So it would be good to know if it's sooner or later in the development roadmap.  

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  • Xero has started work on this feature!

    To maintain good compatibility we need Dear to support this. Please add this functionality ASAP.

    Thank you.

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  • This is an incredibly importaint feature. For basically every company we sell to, the person who gets the invoice is not the person receiving goods in the warehouse. It's especially difficult when shipping to Amazon, who has multiple warehouses all with different 'names', meaning we have to have a Contact and a Shipping Address for each warehouse.

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  • I also need a way to put in a One Time Address. With Drop Ship orders, I don't need to save that address under the customer's record since they are the customer's customer after all. 

    It creates additional problems when those one time addresses get syncd back to CapsuleCRM. Now you have to manually delete the addresses that really don't belong to the customer.

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  • Coming back to this... Need a way to specify Ship-To Contact Name, Ship-To Company, and Ship-To Address.

    Any business that sells products that can be given as gifts need this... which is, of course, almost any product.  So, all businesses need this.



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  • Yes, please implement this. As a  partner it is preventing me from selling DearSystems as a solution.

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  • I agree with all the above, this is the single most important feature that we need adding to Dear and it currently means we are unable to properly use the system.

    It is the drop-shipment for our customers feature that I have been asking for ever since we subscribed to Dear.

    We also need additional address lines as you can have in Xero as many of our customers provided quite long addresses which are essential for customs reasons (eg The Master of Vessel ABC, SHIP'S SPARES IN TRANSIT, c/o Shipping Agent XYZ, etc.

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  • We are also struggling with this issue. A lot of our customers are reselling or ordering on behalf of another customer. We can manually add the shipping customer to the address lines but it means the packing slips/.csv export is messed up and doesn't give enough room to enter all the details. 

    Having a shipping customer seems so logical it's a surprise it hasn't been added from the start. 

    If DEAR are taking this feedback on board a checkbox with ship to billing address that can be deselected to add a custom address would also be appreciated. (similar to how websites like shopify function)

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  • When manually entering a delivery/shipping address, there needs to be option for more than 2 text lines.. 

    we often Drop Ship for our customers (Different consumers each time so we don't want to save them as contacts) so we don't want their company name automatically coming into the shipping address. 

    We need to be able to change the shipping address so that it can have a different Company/Contact name to the company we are billing to.

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  • I have various occasions where I use a different ship to address or name, e.g. when sending to a resellers customer or when doing invoices for leasing/finance companies they need the invoice made to them but shipped to the actual buyer. When I try to change the address the original name is still there.

    In Myob you are able to select "another card" or can easily change the ship to name and address, as far as I can tell you an't change the delivery name.

    This needs to be added asap! Heck! It's been 2 years since this was posted!!

    Come on Dear, what are you doing?

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  • Hey guys, is there any further update on this? Would love to hear DEAR's feedback on adding this to the roadmap.

    We've tried workarounds like using the customer contact as the shipping contact and editing the docx templates but this creates it's own set of issues with the emails as DEAR then tries to email an invoice to the recipient. A shipping company, contact, phone number would alleviate all of these issues and just seems like common sense. Even our shopify store allows for a different shipping company/contact

  • Dear Support/Development,

    In this case the simplest solution is the most powerful. Just as you allow any company in the bill to, also allow choosing any company in the database in the ship to. You can easily see it's a drop ship order by looking at the bill to and ship to. I think it unecessarily complicates things if you try to mark orders and companies differently, an order should just be an order. A company should just be a company.

    This should be a simple change, please get it implemented ASAP.

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  • Dear? Any update regarding this? I'm running into this issue daily and is driving me nuts!

    I've had to resort to modifying the invoice in another program so I can have the Correct name and address for the "Ship to".

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  • Hi All,

    Thanks for your suggestions we will be releasing this feature request next week.

    Thank you all for your patience.

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