Future: Better Order Queue and Fulfillment Processing with barcode scanner.

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Many systems first scan packing list barcode, then scan bin order will be picked into, then pick each item scanning it until order is complete. It is then transferred to "packaging" who scans the bin number which pulls up order shipment details to enter weight or any other details for customs, etc., optionally scan in code for packaging materials used, finally prints shipping label for FedEx, USPS, or UPS.

List of all Open Orders broken into sections: 
Ready to Ship (Sufficient Quantity available) 
Insufficient Inventory (checkbox could be selected, items with insufficient inventory would remain on backorder) 
On Hold 
Ability to select 1 or More orders to be picked. Top of Picking List (by order) shows Order # with Text Box Field for Picking Bin (can be typed in or scanned with barcode scanner). Of course picking list could also be printed, BUT NO NEED 
We do not need to print a separate picking list from packing slips. We simply print the packing slip and place it in each Picking Bin. I know other organizations with much larger warehouses/volumes may try to create a “picking path”, but we are not that point yet. 
While Picking, scan Picking Bin barcode (PER #2 above) then each item barcode (OR for other customers, if in picking multiple orders simultaneously mode), scan Item barcode then Picking Bin Barcode and system checks off each item until complete and ready to pack/ship when all items are picked. 
At Pack/Ship Bench, Picking Bin is scanned (possibly into search box in ShipStation) which brings up the order, showing the total weight based on product sku weight attribute, with an empty text box to type in weight or populated from USB scale. Then Shipping Label is printed. 
If using ShipStation, I suppose the Picking Bin number would somehow have to get transferred to ShipStation maybe as a Tag allowing it to be searched? Not sure without having used ShipStation yet. 
With the exception of automation rules in ShipStation, I think it would be easier to use, possibly easier even to program/develop, if shipping labels was done directly within Dear Systems without having to use/maintain integration with ShipStation. Increases perceived value of Dear Systems. Much better to have one less tool, one less thing for employees to learn, one less complexity, one less integration. But I understand that requires pulling information from FedEx Web Services API and USPS ( API / Endicia APIs) to populate report. Maybe it’s not that difficult?

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  • I like the idea of getting the total weight and the total number of PCS onto the packing list!!!

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  • Even if you could just generate a picklist with barcodes, so that warehouse staff could scan picklist and then scan the item and have it match up, that would mean fewer mistakes in picking.
    Ideally, this would work with shipping software, too, but just the basics to start would make a huge difference.


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  • There's a lot of work to be done here for sure. It's also common to scan the pick location to verify that the pick is occurring at the correct location vs someone just picking up a matching product from another bin. This insures that stock is rotated correctly to enforce FIFO and FEFO.

    At the moment, we don't use pick bins. But we do create shipping carton labels that carry an order number in human and barcode. The idea being that when a particular carton gets to the ship stage, the carton is completely sealed already (following pack) and the only identifier is that label. Pulling up the order number in DEAR reveals the carton contents. In ShipStation, we have our label options set to print the order number at the bottom of each shipping label. Therefore, the order number on the box and order number on the label should match (other than the fact that DEAR exports invoice numbers instead of order numbers to ShipStation).

    Definitely would love a more efficient and error-proof pick, pack, ship process. The problem with the pack process is that you can't see what is supposed to be packed (on that screen). When you scan each item as it is packed, you are alerted to incorrect items scanned, but you never have a sense of what and how many are supposed to be packed in the first place (at least not from the pack screen).

    A better pack screen layout would present the expected items to be packed in a list at the top, and then if you use Scan, as you Scan each item it gets added to a list in the bottom half of the screen and the matching item in the top gets crossed out or hilighted or something.

    There are similar problems with the pick screen. The initial contents of the pick screen should be auto generated from the order always. As one picks, into a reusable bin for instance, items from the top could be crossed out and placed in a list on the bottom (similar to the pack screen). When the pick has been completed, clicking on Authorise would reveal items that are short and offer to place them on backorder, while all successfully picked items would be moved to that list that appears at the top of the pack screen.

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  • Would be great if order picking was able to completed by a bar code scanner instead of doing this manually as it would save a lot of time and eliminate human errors as well - the current set up doesn't allow you to capture the picking process in real time.

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