Fulfilment Details Report

This sales report shows fulfilment details of authorised sale orders filtered by sale order date. Only users with the Sales Reporting access level can access this report.

This report can be automatically generated and sent out to authorised users using the Report Scheduling feature available to DEAR customers with Automation module subscription. See Report Scheduling for more information.

NOTE: Non-inventory products are not shown in this report.


The report inputs are shown in the table below.

Header NameDescription
Beginning date of the report
Closing/end date of the report
Refreshes the report results based on the latest data
Apply Filter
Sets filter on fields used in the report
Allows export of report data to Excel, PDF or RTF
Set to the Default layout. Allows selection of saved layouts, if any.
Save Layout As
Allows saving of a layout for potential future use.
Reset Layout
Resets layout to the default layout.


After setting the inputs described above, pressing the Update button refreshes the report based on the selected inputs. The output fields are shown in the table below.

Column Name
Customer Reference
Customer number
Sales Representative
Name of the sales representative who handled the order
Quarter of the calendar the order was made
Shipment Date
Shipment date
Invoice #
Invoice number. If there are multiple invoices for a fulfilment, these are displayed with comma-delimited tags.
Shipment Note
Shows the information saved in the Shipment Note field under the Ship tab in Advanced Sale
The name of the courier, in case of shipped orders
Tracking #
Tracking number of the order, if shipped
Location showed on the sales header
Product SKU
SKU of the main product under assembly


Name of the product under assembly

Order Date

Date the order was authorised
Order #
Order number
Quantity Ordered
Order quantity


Customer name

Fulfilment #

Fulfilment number of the order

Fulfilment Status

Status of the fulfilment


Tax associated with the order


Total value of the order = Amount + Tax


Quantity of the orders which is denoted by fulfilment status, e.g. Quantity picked

Grand Total

Total sales amount

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