Label Printing

DEAR allows printing of Shipping Labels through the ShipStation integration (also supported by Shippit and StarShipIt). 

NOTE:  Label Printing is not available for international shipping. The countries in the Shipping From and Shipping To addresses must match. 

NOTE: ShipStation integration can be connected as a Shipping Service or as Custom Store. Only one of the types should be enabled, or double labels will be printed.


To print shipping labels with ShipStation:

  1. Use the normal sales process to create a sale order
  2. In document header enter the shipping address
    • NOTE:  Make sure the shipping address field is correct as it will be used by external integration for address verification

  1. In the Ship tab, click Shipping Label 

  1. Enter all the required fields marked with the red asterisk and click Generate Label

  1. The carrier info will then be automatically filled in including the tracking number

  1. The Shipping Label will be generated automatically via PDF. You can also print the label by clicking on Shipping Label, and using the dropdown menu to select which shipment to print the label for.