Using Shipping Service for Shipping Rate Quotes

Integrating shipping services in DEAR (Currently supported: ShipStation, Shippit, Shiptheory, StarShipIT) allows you to estimate how much shipping charges will be at the quote/order stage of a sale. The rate is based from the location specified in the document to the customer's shipping address. Shipping rate quotes can only be generated for real addresses and for products which have dimensions and weight listed.


  • Connect a shipping service (required)

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There are some steps to setup before you can start using shipping services to calculate rates. These can be skipped if you have done them already.

Setup addresses in DEAR

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To correctly calculate shipping rates, you must first define where you are shipping from. Add addresses to all of your locations to make sure your shipping rates are accurate.

To setup addresses in DEAR:

  1. Go to Settings -> Reference Books -> Stock -> Locations & Bins.
  2. You can add more locations with + or Add more items.
  3. Enter a name and address for each location.
  4. Save your changes.

Setup product dimensions

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To correctly estimate shipping rates using shipping services, the correct dimensions must be added to the product in DEAR. See Product and Service Management for more information about setting up products.

To setup dimensions in DEAR:

  1. Go to Inventory -> View All -> Products.
  2. Select the product in question and at the bottom of the page, select the Dimensions tab.
  3. Enter the dimensions and Save the product.

Connect a Shipping Service

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Shipping services are connected via the integrations module. You can connect multiple shipping services at a time. 


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ShipStation can be connected to DEAR both as a store and as a shipping service. See here for more information about connecting ShipStation as a store.

To connect ShipStation as a Shipping Service:

  1. Go to Integration -> Shipstation.
  2. Click + to make a new connection.
  3. Enter your API key and API secret key (you can get this from the API settings on your ShipStation account).
  4. Click Connect Shipstation as a Shipping Service.

  5. You can then proceed to choose your settings parameters.

Default Ship From Address: If a shipping location does not have an address specified, this address will be used instead.

Use Tax Rate From: This setting determines which tax rule will be applied to the shipping charge. Option 1 is to use "Default" Tax Rule for all customers and select from the drop down of available tax rules ( Tax Rule for Shipping ), Option 2 is to use "Customer" tax rule which is determined at customer level during setup.

Currency in ShipStation: Base currency in your shipstation account. 

Additional Shipping Margin: If margin value is set to Relative this means that margin will be calculated using a percentage amount. If set as Absolute a fixed amount will be applied on top of the shipping cost. 

Using Shipping Rate Estimates

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Once the setup steps are complete, you can begin to estimate shipping rates on sale orders.

Using Shipping Rate Estimates in DEAR

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Shipping rate estimates in DEAR can be calculated at the Quote or Order stage of a sale order. 

To get shipping rate estimates in DEAR:

  1. Create a sale order using Simple Sale or Advanced Sale.
  2. Add products to the order.
  3. Click Get Shipping Rates.
  4. Select a shipping service from the dropdown menu.
  5. A dialogue box will appear where you will need to select CARRIER and SERVICE type then click OK. Carriers and Services details are imported from the shipping service. The estimated shipping rate is shown next to each service.

  6. Select a service and click OK to add the shipping rate estimate to the additional charges section.

Using Shipping Rate Estimates in B2B Portal

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To get Shipping Rate Estimates in B2B Portal:

  1. Go to Integrations -> DEAR B2B Portal.
  2. In the Setup tab scroll down to Shipping Service and select the shipping service you wish to use from the drop down. Click Save.

  3. During CHECKOUT the shipping methods from the selected shipping service will be automatically shown for customer's selection in Step 3: Shipping Method.

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