Split Orders/Back Orders

Backorders involve processing sales that do not have enough stock on hand to be fulfilled. In this case, new stock is ordered from your suppliers to complete the order. 


To use the backorder function, the products to be backordered must have suppliers attached to them.

To attach one or more suppliers to a product:

  1. Navigate to Inventory -> Products.

  2. Select the product you wish to add a supplier to.

  3. Click the Suppliers tab.

  4. Click or Add more items to add a Supplier to the tab.

  5. Choose a supplier from the list.

  6. Enter the Supplier SKU, Product Name, and Product URL.

  7. Enter the product Price.


Sales Orders can be authorised even if there is not enough inventory in stock to fulfill them. An error message will be displayed and you will be prompted to choose either Split Order or Backorder. 

Backorder will wait until all the required quantity of items are in stock before fulfilling the sale order. 

Split Order will cause a new Sale Order to be generated automatically. The original Sale Order will be amended so the item quantity reflects the amount in stock. This Sale Order can be fulfilled and invoiced immediately.

A second Sale Order with the remaining item quantity will be created. This can be saved for when the required inventory is in stock, then fulfilled and invoiced in a separate order.

In both cases, the outstanding item quantity will be backordered (a purchase order for the remaining items will be created).

To complete a split order or backorder sale:

  1. Navigate to Purchase  -> Reorder Backordered.

  2. Choose a supplier to order backordered stock from the list. You can also filter products by customer and by product tags, or click Select All.

  3. Choose a product or products from the list.

  4. Click Reorder.

  5. New Purchase Order tasks will be generated for each supplier. See Processing a Purchase for more information on purchase orders.

  6. When the required stock is received into your inventory, the sale order is then fulfilled and invoiced as usual.


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