Purchase Module - General Information

General Information


The functions of the purchase module are:


The Purchase processes available are:

  • Purchase Order:

  • Allows user to control and maintain stock and/or service orders from suppliers.


  • Purchase Invoice:

  • An itemised document indicating the quantity and price of goods and/or services provided by the supplier. This process allows users to register and maintain Supplier’s Invoices.


  • Stock Received:

  • Allows user to input purchased Stock into the database. The number of items purchased does not need to tally against the number entered into the system. The user has the option to store the purchased stock into a single or multiple locations.


  • Credit Note:

  • Allows users to correct errors made in a Purchase Invoice that has already been processed in the system. A Credit Note from the Supplier should be provided for input in the system. This is considered a Negative Invoice.


  • Unstock:

  • Allows user to remove item/s in the database in the event of short-shipped goods, damaged or faulty goods, or shipped goods that need to be returned to the supplier.


  • Attachment and Activity Logs:

  • any documents printed or emails sent through the Purchase Order are saved in the Attachment tab. All of the activities done by the user from the start of making a new Purchase Order are logged in the Activity Logs tab.

  • Bulk Actions:

  • DEAR allows executing some actions in bulk for selected purchase tasks in the View All Purchases screen

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