Bulk Supplier Payments

Bulk supplier payments allow you to pay some or all of your outstanding invoices for a supplier at once. 


Both QuickBooks Online users and Xero Accounting users have the ability to add payments to supplier invoices within the accounting application and then synchronize the information over to Dear Inventory or add payments in Dear and sync them to your accounting software. Xero users need to ensure the correct payment settings are enabled, QuickBooks Online users will sync payments automatically. 



  • (Xero Users) Set up correct payment parameters (necessary)

  • Have outstanding invoices for at least one supplier (necessary)

  1. Setup payment Parameters

  2. Apply bulk payment

Set up payment parameters

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Before you are able to apply payments in DEAR Inventory, you will need to make sure that you have set up the right payment parameters and that payments created in DEAR Inventory can be pushed out to Xero. 


To correctly set up Xero payment parameters:

  1. Navigate to Integration -> Xero

  2. Check that Xero Payments are either set to Synced in both ways or Pushed to Dear

Apply bulk payment

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To apply the bulk payment:

  1. Navigate to Purchase -> Bulk Payment

  2. Select a Supplier from the dropdown menu

  3. Select the Period you would like to view for the invoices that are due

  4. Click Show Due Invoices


  1. If the currency of the supplier is different to your own base currency, you will also be required to provide a Conversion Rate

  2. Select a Payment Date

  3. Select the Account from which the payment is to be made

  4. Provide a reference (optional)

  1.  Enter an Amount to be paid to the supplier. The total outstanding amount is shown at the bottom of the table of outstanding invoices. The remaining unallocated payment is shown to the top right of the table. 

  2. Click Pay to confirm the payment.

  3. Synchronize that payment transaction by hovering the mouse over Sync and the company name and then clicking the Sync Now button.