Locking the Retail POS app

You can now quickly switch users by setting up user access PIN's on the lock screen of your iPad or Android device.

When DEAR POS is locked, a user must enter a valid user access PIN to log in to their account. You can set the app to be locked manually or to lock automatically after a specified amount of time or before every sale.

To set up a PIN log in requirement:

  1. Navigate to Integration > DEAR POS > Setup
  2. Tick check box Enable PIN
  3. PIN Code Length by default will be 4 numbers but can be set to as high as 12 numbers
  4. Click Save Changes
  5. Log Into DEAR POS register using normal login/password credentials
  6. Click the hamburger menu button top left corner, then Session > Set PIN Code

  1. Enter your PIN then click Save

  1. Enter your PIN then click Save
  2. Everytime a user logs off a PIN form will be shown. To log back in a user will need to enter their own unique code.

NOTE: If entered PIN is already used by someone else you will be notified about this and you will need to change it to a different PIN.