Note: You will first need to set up a Product Discount template before setting up Product Dealssee below for more details.

Types of Product Discount Values


Discount amount – all prices will be reduced by this Amount, e.g. ‘$10 off all stock’ campaign

% Discount– all prices will be reduced by the percent specified, e.g. ‘10% off all stock’ campaign

Markup Amount – all prices will be increased by this Amount.

% Markup – all prices will be increased by the percent specified.

Price Override –this Amount will be used as new price for the product.

Flat Amount – product total cost will be this Amount.


Quantity Based

Buy X or more units and receive $ or % off per unit there on after.

Free Shipping

  • If order exceeds $X, customer will get free shipping.

Creating Product Discount Template

1. Go to Settings > Reference Books > Click Product Discounts.

2. Enter Discount Name - this is an internal name that you can use to keep track of your discounts.

3. Select Type -  Can be Simple, Quantity Based & Free shipping. See Product Discount Values above for full description. 

4. Select DiscountType - In this example we will set up a simple discount. Discount Types available for simple discounts are Discount amount 

% Discount, Markup Amount, % Markup, Price Override & Flat Amount. See here for Quantity Based Discounts & Free Shipping.

5. Click Save.

Note: Once discount template is set up you can apply it at the following levels: 

A) Product

B) Customer Group

C) Individual Customer 

A ) Assigning Discounts at Product Level

1. Go to Inventory > Products > View All and select a product you would like to apply a discount to.

2. From the drop down select the discount you would like applied to this product then click Save.

B ) Assigning Discounts at Customer Group Level

Within the Product screen go to Discounts Tab and start listing all tags. For example all customers with the tag ' Wholesale ' will receive a 10% Discount. 

C ) Assigning Discounts at Individual Customer Level

Within the Product screen go to Discounts Tab and select a customer from the drop down you want to sell this product at a discount to. Then select the Discount type to be applied to this customer.

Taking a look at how discount is shown when raising a Sale:

Go to Sale > Orders > New Sale

When the Customer is chosen that this product is sold at a discount to, press the 'Apply Discounts' button for the system to check if any discounts can be found.

If a discount exists you will be shown which type of discount has been applied and price will be reduced automatically.

Note: Now that you have set up a product discount template you can incorporate it into Product Deals.