Depending on the Costing Method you have assigned to your products, the system will automatically Pick the relevant stocks which will be used to fulfill the order, or you can have the ability to select or Pick the stocks you wish to ship.

Special Costing method will give that ability to pick a particular stock.

For more information on Costing Method click here.

The system will prioritize Stock Picking on the Location selected in your Sale header. If there is not enough stock to fulfill the order, then DEAR will check other locations still taking into consideration the Costing method assigned to products. 

This process can only happen if you have selected All Locations in:

Settings > General Settings > Sale Process Customization > Available Quantity is Limited to

If you have Added or Adjusted stock through Stock Adjustment or Stocktake, please note that the effect on your Stock Quantities will always be real time or date upon completion of the Stock Adjustment or Stocktake.

The Effective Date is only for the purpose of dating Manual journals that will be generated by an adjustment. Therefore stock will be available for Picking based on the Actual completion date of the Stock Adjustment or Stocktake and not based on the Effective Date of the transaction.