Once you have decided that you are ready to subscribe to DEAR, navigate to:

My Account > My Subscription page and just click on Subscribe link.


Note: If you don't want the Trial Data carried over into your live account, you can delete it before subscribing using the Delete Trial Data button located on your Dashboard.

Once subscribed, your base plan will be the plan/price for the life of your account, unless you will deliberately change or update your base plan, which will then become your new base plan.  All Invoices billed to you can also be seen in My Account > My Subscription > Payment History.

If in the future there are Price Increases or a New Pricing Structure , the account which was already subscribed using the old pricing structure will not be affected by any future increases.

However, if you decide to register a new account after a price increase, then the new account will fall under the new pricing structure.  Please also note that Transfer of Account or Transfer of Subscription into another account is not possible.