Q: We are having issues with correct pricing being imported from our Woocommerce store. We sell in 3 currencies, and have a plugin that converts our base currency. However, our base currency in DEAR and woocommerce is in GBP. The USD price is being imported into DEAR from Woocommerce. Can you please help us solve this issue?

A: Multi-currency plugin is not supported by WooCommerce API. This setup is not compatible with DEAR. Our advise is to have 3 Woo stores with different currencies.

Q: We are having an issue with the GST component for orders imported from our WooCommerce Store.

A: DEAR captures all sale information from WooCommerce including tax amount. You need to setup correct tax rules in WooCommerce and then map Woocommerce tax rules to DEAR tax rules. This can be done by going to Integration> Woocomeerce > Setup. DEAR will not recalculate tax for sales from Woocommerce, instead DEAR will bring in exact tax amount as per sale order in Woo.