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Q: Store Errors when connecting Shipstation to DEAR

A: When you connected DEAR to your ShipStation account the specified login and password should belong to a user in DEAR (not ShipStation), that has access to single DEAR Organisation only as otherwise you will get 503 error in ShipStation.

Q: This recurring order has not been populating into shipstation since the update.  I have to enter manually each time.  Advise?

A: The reason why this order is not sent to ShipStation is because the order has Ship Address, that is not present in Customer record. Please check relevant customer. To fix the problem, you need to create address in customer matching the one in sale, this will resolve the problem with export. You might need to trigger Resend to ShipStation action after you fixed the address.

You can find all such sales on the ShipStation integration page:

Q: We received an error testing the DearSystems store: The remote server returned an error: (300) Multiple Choices Redirect.

A: If you see error 300 this means the user they are trying to connect with is linked to more then one DEAR organisation. This prevents the data from being exported to ShipStation. They need to use DEAR login that is linked to single DEAR Organisation only to export sales from this organisation to ShipStation.

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