Returning a Sale


  • See DEAR POS - Getting Started and Information

You can only complete a return on fully paid sales (including fully paid on Account Sales and layby sales). A return will not be processed on Open on Account or layby sales OR existing return transactions.

  1. Processing a POS return
  2. Processing a POS return without an existing sale

Processing a POS return

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To process a return:  

  1. Navigate to Sell > Sales History screen 
  2. Select the sale you would like to return. 

    NOTE:   You can locate the sale by typing in receipt number or customer name in the search bar.

  1. Once the sale is located, click Return to continue.

  2. Click on Refund & Continue 

NOTE: If there is no customer attached to the original sale, you will be asked to add a customer to the return here. Add a generic customer if you wish to process random returns.

  1. Choose if you want to refund cash or give store credit. If the amount was paid by a credit card you will also have the credit card refund option available. DEAR allows payment made via non-cash methods to be refunded as cash.

  1. Once Refund is processed you will get a confirmation message.

Processing a POS return without an existing sale

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This feature is implemented to allow the system users to be able to refund products for historical sales which were actioned before they started using DEAR POS, also for the current users of DEAR who have historical sales from before when this feature was implemented.

The key feature is to allow the User/Cashier to generate a refund without an existing sale. In order to do so, the User/Cashier should be able to add product/s first and then generate the refund and check out. 

NOTE: The refund will be transparent to any DEAR level User and will NOT have an impact on real-time money flows.

To perform a standalone refund:

  1. Navigate to Order history form in DEAR POS > Click on 'No receipt refund'
  2. Enter a Receipt Number > Continue
  3. Next, the user/cashier will be directed to a page where the user/cashier will be required to add the required product/s to be refunded. 
  4. Confirm to finish the refund.