Returning a Sale


  • See DEAR POS - Getting Started and Information

You can only complete a return on fully paid sales (including fully paid on Account Sales and layby sales). A return will not be processed on Open on Account or layby sales OR existing return transactions.

To process a return:  

  1. Navigate to Sell > Sales History screen 
  2. Select the sale you would like to return. NOTE:   You can locate the sale by typing in receipt number or customer name in the search bar.

  1. Once the sale is located, click Return to continue.

  1. If there is no customer attached to the original sale, you will be asked to add a customer to the return here. Add a generic customer if you wish to process random returns.

  1. Choose if you want to refund cash or give store credit.
    NOTE:  if the amount was paid by credit card you will have the credit card refund option available.

  1. Once Refund is processed you will get a confirmation message as per below.