Listing products on DEAR POS store

Items listed in your DEAR Inventory can be listed on your POS store. 

There are two ways to add your products into DEAR POS:

  • Add products one-by-one,
  • Use the Bulk Listing function


  • Set up Products and upload Inventory Listing template to DEAR Inventory

To add products one-by-one:

  1. Navigate to Integrations -> DEAR POS
  2. Go to the Catalog tab
  3. Click on the product that you would like to list and click List on DEAR POS button. Once a product is listed you will see a Status change from Not Listed to Listed

To add products In bulk:

  1. Navigate to Integrations -> DEAR POS
  2. Navigate to Bulk Listing tab

  1. Here you can choose to upload in bulk by filtering a Product Category, Product Family or Product Tag
  2. Once you have chosen which products you want to Bulk Upload click Start.
  3. A message will appear for you to confirm that you wish to List the chosen products. Click Yes to proceed.


  1. Once Bulk Listing is completed you will receive a confirmation message.