There are two ways to add your products into DEAR POS:

1. You can add products one-by-one,

2. Use the Bulk Listing function.

First you will need to make sure you have uploaded your Inventory Listing template into DEAR Inventory. After you have uploaded your Inventory List you can now navigate to the Integrations Tab and select DEAR POS. Follow one of the below methods and to listing:

Add products one-by-one:

  • To add products one-by-one navigate to the Catalog tab

  • Click on the product that you would like to list and Click List on DEAR POS button.

* Note: Once a product is listed you will see a Status change from Not Listed to Listed

Add Products In Bulk:


1. Navigate to:

    Bulk Listing Tab

2. Here you can choose to upload in bulk by filtering a Product Category, Product Family or Product Tag.

3. Once you have chosen which products you want to Bulk Upload click Start.

4. A message will appear for you to confirm that you wish to List the chosen products. Click Yes to proceed.


5. Once Bulk Listing is completed you will receive a confirmation message.