Watch the following video tutorial or follow the steps below to get started.

Getting Started: 


1. To connect DEAR POS, navigate to the Integrations Tab and select the below integration:

2. Create your Store Name and click Connect to POS

3. Proceed to the Setup Tab and fill in all the required fields. See this article for full description of all fields.

4. Proceed to the Catalog Tab to manage what products you want to list in your store. You may utilize the Bulk Listing feature to upload a bunch of products in one go.
Please note that Inventory Listings need to be uploaded into DEAR Inventory first before you manage Catalog.

For more information on how to upload products read the Product Management article.

5. Navigate to the User Management Tab and add all users who will be accessing POS. Choose the appropriate role Administrator, Cashier or Manager. Choose which outlet you want to this user to access then click Add.

6. You can now add outlets and registers by navigating to the Outlets Tab.

Select POS > Outlet > Registry

Fill in all the required information.

For more information on Account Code descriptions refer to this document and speak to your Financial Advisor.

7. To access your POS store use the following URL:

Users accessing POS for the first time will need to user a generic password (this would have been set in the Setup Tab)

Upon logging in users will be prompted to reset the password to create their own.